F is for Fatehpur Sikri

The detail in the architecture is what caught my attention at Fatehpur Sikri, a walled city outside Agra. The buildings were constructed of red sandstone and, in the morning sunlight, had a welcoming glow about them. The columns and entry points had intricate designs carved into them and I’ve included some photos for you below.

The history  of the place spoke of attitudes  of the time. The wife of Akbar the Great who produced a son was feted and had a magnificent palace built in her honour. The wives who produced daughters were much less highly revered. (Probably not my kind of guy.)

The place became the capital of the Mughal Empire in 1571 but was abandoned about ten years later as Akbar went off to fight wars in other parts of the Empire.


Red sandstone palace –
a monument to Empire:
Fatehpur Sikri.



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