T is for Travel

Travel is one of my favourite things to do – either in physical form or in my imagination across time and place. The forms have a symbiotic relationship. The experiences of one feed the dreams of the other.

To that end, I’m off on another (physical) adventure soon. I’ll fly with my husband to Singapore, Copenhagen, Warsaw and Dublin and cruise to Barcelona before heading back to Australia.

The cruise is already, in my mind, the basis for one of my cruise ship novels, so I’ll be taking lots of notes.

The trip to Copenhagen has been in the making for 50 years! When I was in Grade 5, my teacher returned from holidays to tell us that she had visited this city. The stories she wove fed my determination to visit one day. Finally, thanks to my husband’s careful planning, that’s about to happen. Any suggestions on the “Must-See” list of things to do there would be appreciated.


Travel in time, space and mind
quiets soul’s questing
striving always to know more.

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