P is for Penis Cafe, Bar Turrisi

Warning: Adult themes

This place had to make it into “On Board with the Billionaire” (in progress). Just like my husband and me, Nico and Tristan went looking for a cup of coffee.

We hadn’t even heard of this place. Surely the tour guide could have forewarned us? Well, she didn’t.

We were wandering around the tiny village of Castelmola in Sicily when I decided that I desperately needed a coffee fix. Behold! I heard a coffee steamer. Here’s a place! I dragged my dearest into the café and used my limited Italian to order due cappuccini per favore.

Oblivious, at first, I slipped a few coins into the tip penis, er, jar. I gulped and turned to join hubby where he sat at a table. The lamp was a phallic symbol. Okay, don’t look there. Oops, not at the interesting statue in the corner either.

This wasn’t an accident. Curious now, rather than shocked, I sat back and deliberately took in the ambience of the place. It linked with the baskets of colourful male members with key-rings attached that we’d seen at the souvenir shops. The coffee arrived, and our waiter had a knowing smile. My Italian language skills were not up to asking questions. I’d ask the tour guide.

As we were leaving, I thanked our host for the coffee. It was great coffee!! He offered local almond wine. Oh my! Yes, please!! As a flavourful beverage, it was amazing; as a restorative, it was perfect.

Our tour guide laughed uproariously when I tried to ask her about the symbolism and she shared her hilarity with the rest of our group. “Did you notice the penises? Yes? It’s a gimmick, a very successful one,” she assured us. An older lady shared with the group that she’d bought quite a number of the key-rings as Christmas gifts. “The red ones are more virile,” the tour guide laughed again.

Back home, I just had to find out more.


Coloured penises for sale –
Not for faint of heart.
Cackling, ladies bought many.

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