E is for Events and Eastern Brown Snakes

Millionaire finalEvents business: 

In “Happy with the Millionaire”, Hermione is an events manager. She and her team organise corporate events, birthday parties for children and the monthly Rotary meeting. It is through the Halloween Party that she co-ordinates for Yarlox IT, that she meets multi-millionaire business owner, Zach. The romance doesn’t run smoothly! There was a bit of research to do for this one especially around the sorts of qualifications and training that an events organiser might require and the legalities around becoming a marriage celebrant in Australia. You can find Hermione and Zac’s story on Amazon and through Passion in Print Press.


Halloween, Christmas, Romance
More than meets the eye
At Hap’s special party place.


Eastern Brown Snakes

Eastern Brown Snakes are reportedly the second most venomous terrestrial reptile in the world. In “A Baby Denied”, Dee has one that regularly turns up in the back yard. She calls him Billy and has learned how to wrangle him into a hessian sack, drive him out to the dam five kilometres away and release him. Billy takes centre stage when antagonist, Gillian, treads on him in her haste to escape from Nash and Dee. My nephew, Jay, was my main brains trust for this one.


Slithering and secretive –
beautiful brown snakes.
Leave them be and they’ll pass by.

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