Heat in the Kitchen

Heat in the Kitchen, now with a new title, “Loving the Celebrity Chef” is the first in a trilogy of stories loosely linked around the fictional Rosetti’s Restaurant near the Opera House in Sydney.  This story is now under contract to Passion in Print Press and is slated for publication in August 2017.

Vincent is Sydney’s top celebrity TV chef, used to popularity with women, but when Angelique arrives in his kitchen, he’s thrown by her keep-your-distance attitude.

Angelique is living in a backpacker hostel when she is robbed of her money, passport and most of her belongings. Things are dire by the time she finds a job at Rosetti’s Restaurant. The attraction between her and Vince is instant but Angelique’s goal is firmly on becoming a sous-chef in Lyon in Edouard Phillippe’s Michelin-starred restaurant both to repay her mentor’s faith and to build her own culinary reputation. She wants to have her own Michelin star.


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