H is for Hall, Australian Capital Territory, Hay in New South Wales and Helidon in Queensland

Continuing the A-Z of Australian country towns with attendant haiku, today is the letter H.

from iphone 067Hall
Hall is a small village just within the boundaries of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and close to the New South Wales border. The first white population in the area came as graziers. The continuing expansion of the nation’s capital, Canberra, means that dormitory suburbs or townships are moving closer to Hall.

Hay is a strong agricultural centre in the Western Riverina region of New South Wales, a prosperous wool and sheep meat production area. The quality of some of the restaurants was a welcome surprise.
Helidon is in southern Queensland in the productive Lockyer Valley. As a child, I recall visiting the mineral baths and becoming badly sunburnt!
Out on the Hay Plains
Sheep graze in the baking sun
Wool protects them well!
Small but defiant
Hall – a pebble in the shoe
of Canberra’s sprawl.
Urgh! Sunburnt shoulders
on Helidon holidays:
youthful senselessness.

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