Shrestha’s Legacy

A boatman (माझी दाई) with his boat. (Phewa lake, Pokhara, Nepal). CC2.0 photo by Dhilung Kirat.This picture was the prompt for yesterday’s Warm-up Wednesday  on the Flash Friday site:
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And here is the response I wrote….

Shrestha’s Legacy

It had been a weird day on the lake. His skin was like shrink-wrap tightening around his body. The air was oppressive. No bird. No fish. A terrifying silence.

Shrestha pondered his place in the world; his only child, Lalita, his beautiful princess; and the children she would have. They would be his legacy.

His wife, Anu, awaited him on shore, quaking. Strange.

“Lalita is gone. Earthquake.”

Whispers of tangible love lost. No more the lovely face between the palms of his hands.

Screams of foreshortened eternity. Never to achieve his life’s true goal – that most revered status: Honoured Grandfather.