Tarte au Figue

Fact-checking Angelique today. She’s the French dessert chef in Her Holiday Fling. I made a Tarte au Figue, rather than the apple version of Tarte Tatin. (My wonderful sister Daphne gifted me a shoe box full of scrummy fresh figs.) In the story, Angelique planned to make these luscious desserts on demand. Reality: Unless she has some truly secret cheffie speed cooking tricks, she’s not going to do that. They take a while: making the caramel sauce; prepping fruit; rolling pastry (I used two sheets of butter puff pastry rolled together); arranging fruit so it fits neatly together; layering the pastry on top and tucking it in (easier said than done); baking; cooling; inverting without losing the lot; then serving 😅. Nope. Not a dessert you make on the run. Worth it though. Delicious.

Her Holiday Fling is available in both ebook and paperback from your preferred retailer. https://books2read.com/her-holiday-fling


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