Her Holiday Fling


Remember “Loving the Celebrity Chef”? It’s had one massive do-over.

The wonderful people at Champagne Book Group have worked with me to strengthen characters, update the storyline and radically improve “Loving the Celebrity Chef”. If you read the earlier story, you’ll recognise many elements but will be pleasantly surprised by the new edition. We’ve renamed it, “Her Holiday Fling”. After all, Angelique’s intention was to do exactly that, have a holiday fling then head home to France to earn her Michelin star. She didn’t count on falling for Sydney’s celebrity chef and he, sure as heck, wasn’t looking for someone who’d criticise the way he made tiramisu.

The original was the second romance novel I ever wrote. I thought it was wonderful…then. I knew very little about crafting a good story and focussing on the characters’ goals, motivations and conflicts. My writing has come a long way over these seven years.

We’ll be presenting a new version of “Happy with the Millionaire” too. That will be out by the end of the year.

I’m thrilled for everyone’s favourite Nonna to be out in the world again along with Vincent, Angelique and the rest of the Rosettis.

Thank you so much for your continuing support and encouragement. They make a writer’s life worthwhile.

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