R is for Rajasthan Road Trip

Rajasthan is the province in which Jaipur is located.

The highlights for us in this part of India were Amber Fort, which we discussed way back at the beginning of the challenge under ‘A’, The City Palace in Jaipur, the Jantar Mantar Observatory and the carpet and gem artisans.

There was a lot on offer visually, historically and spiritually – especially when you add the pilgrims into the mix.

On another level, ‘karmic’ our driver suggested, one of our experiences was to stop along the highway and purchase watermelon to feed the monkeys. Our driver insisted that, since it was a Tuesday, it was particularly auspicious to indulge in this ritual.  Not being very familiar with monkeys and their behaviour, I was delighted by the way they sat patiently waiting to receive our offering, then looked up into our faces, almost to say thank you, before scampering off to enjoy their treat in peace.


Rajasthan road trip –
lots to discover and learn:
uplifting journey.

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