K is for Kites

The early evening skies in Jaipur were dotted with numerous kites while we were there. The trees around our hotel seemed to be their favourite final resting places. The kites are simple structures of cane sticks and light crepe paper, a bit of glue and long, long rolls of thread. The photo below is of one we rescued from a tree.

We weren’t in Jaipur in January, unfortunately, otherwise we would have been able to witness the International Kite Festival which is held annually in Jaipur.

kite 0889 (1)

The Kite Festival coincides with Makar Sankranti which is a Hindu festival to honour the  deity Surya.

If, like us, you missed the Festival this year, you can always aim for 2020, when it will be held from the 14th to the 16th January.

You can be heartened though, by the knowledge that you might see the kites flying above Jaipur at just about any time of the year.


Aerial dancers –
Kites fly high in Jaipur skies.
Snatched by waiting trees.


2 thoughts on “K is for Kites

    1. Hi Debbie and thanks for dropping by. There are a lot of home-made ones but there’s also a big industry around the kites – sophisticated, elaborate and beautiful. :)


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