C is for Carpets

We had the wonderful experience of observing an artisan working on producing a hand-knotted carpet at Jaipur Rugs. We were so caught up in watching the ‘thread, twist, slash and adjust’ movements of the man that both of us forgot to take photos! Then he stopped and began a rhythmic singing of the ‘bolee’, the language of the carpet, which is a way of remembering the pattern for the colours to be inserted. Check out the carpet making process here.

Our guide at the centre explained that with very complex patterns, there is usually a singer who remains separate from the hands-on carpet-making because their role is wholly to sing the carpet pattern for those who are working.

The rugs and carpets that are produced are beautiful. There are styles and colours to suit any taste and the sheen of the blend of silk and wool is captivating.

The story of how the industry contributes to financial security in remote villages also caught our attention. We chose a small rug as a memento and it was delivered to our home the day after we arrived there from our trip.

Village work creates
rugs of beauty and function.
Magic carpet ride.


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