B is for Bars, the drinking kind

In the time we were in India, we visited four bars (heavy drinkers – not) and each of them was attached to our accommodation.

The first was the Atrium tea lounge at the Imperial India Hotel in Delhi. It was a lovely airy space where one could choose from an extensive selection of teas, or depending on the hour, enjoy a quiet glass of wine.

In Agra, it was The Bar at the Oberoi Amarvilas with a view of the gardens, beyond which, sat the Taj Mahal. Service was wonderful and we were made to feel very welcome.

The Pool Bar drew us in at the Samode Haveli in Jaipur. Quiet and relaxing, we had the place to ourselves on both afternoons, and the staff were happy to chat. One retrieved an errant kite that had caught in the trees so that we could inspect it and learn more about the culture around these flying pieces of paper and cane. (More of that when we get to K.) The potted peonies and pansies made a lovely display.

On our last evening we were back in Delhi and The Hangar Lounge and Bar caught our attention with its array of aeronautical kitsch (in a good way).

What we found in whichever location we visited was that the drinks were generous and one serve was more than enough for this little feathered duck.

Wanting to relax?
Need bustling energy fix?
Bars here will provide.

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