X is for Xander and other less common names

When I’m writing a novel, often the characters’ names will suggest themselves to me without too much of an issue, but then, as I mentioned in the Jolene post, my critical friend will quickly let me know if they fit. She tells me if they’re dated or too weird. Thank goodness for friends like Kathy.

I tend to be drawn to unusual names. My name is unusual to many so I know what it is like to live with one that’s a bit different. But not everyone can relate to them, so I need to use them like a strong spice – very little and with care.

I often research the meaning of a name before I use it. The meanings often surprise me.

Xander is one name I’ve wanted to use for a while. It is a diminutive of Alexander and means defender or warrior. I’m thinking that would be a perfect fit for Donatella’s love interest when I come to write her cruise ship story. Donatella is a very strong character and needs a strong alpha to be her equal.


Personality defined,
simple moniker –
one’s label for a lifetime.


One thought on “X is for Xander and other less common names

  1. and apparently sandra also comes from alexander which I thought was a bit rich when I was a kid and they told me it meant helper of mankind which I kinda liked but no one ever suggested that maybe sandra could have come from cassandra – I guess her press was too bad though I dont know why – she seems a strong character to me – perhaps thats the point


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