N is for Naples

As we head into the third week of the A to Z blog challenge around some of the research I use for my books, I will mostly use just one example of the letter (there will be exceptions!) – mostly because I couldn’t find multiples for many of the remaining letters of the alphabet without being too repetitive. So today, it’s Naples, Italy.

A couple of years ago, the cruise that my husband and I enjoyed, terminated in Naples so we took the opportunity to spend a couple of extra days there. It was well worth it in terms of research for my cruise ships series. Naples became the home port for my Eleganti Crociere Mediterranee (ECM) cruise company. (Feel free to correct my Italian!) Images of Naples that have made their way into the first novel of the series, ‘On Board with the Billionaire’ (in progress) are the impressive wooden street doors and Christmas Alley (Via San Gregorio Armeno.)

The doors fascinated me, both in Naples and in Rome. The link I’ve used here (Photo by Fiore Barbato, 2007) points to one representative. The doors are large, usually ornate and very imposing. But cut into one of the pairs is a smaller access that doesn’t require the whole façade to be exposed. In ‘On Board’, Luc uses the smaller door for entry into the home of his honorary uncle and underworld figure, when he needs a fake passport in a hurry.

Before Tristan leaves Melbourne to travel to Italy, her boss suggests that she should visit Christmas Alley. As it turns out, events conspire to prevent her from doing that, but the Alley will figure in a future story with Luc’s brother, Sebastian, and his art cruise. It’s a fascinating place that celebrates Christmas and other Christian festivities all year long. The workmanship of the nativity scenes is outstanding, with close attention to even the smallest details.


A Neapolitan stroll
uncovers lifestyles –
a modern take on old ways.

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