L is for “Loving the Celebrity Chef” and Lyon

“Loving the Celebrity Chef”

Loving the Celebrity Chef” (Book 1 of the Rosettis) is the second novel-length story I wrote. Vincent is Sydney’s celebrity chef darling. Angelique is a French dessert chef on holidays in Australia who is forced to find work after her belongings are stolen from her room at a backpacker’s hostel. When the thief’s body is later discovered on a Sydney beach, Angelique finds herself in the position as the most likely suspect. As the story progresses, Angelique is torn between her growing love for Vincent and her lifetime goal of becoming a Michelin-starred chef like her mentor. Reserch for this story ranged across varieties of eucalyptus, French pastries, Katoomba National Park and Harley riders disdaining full-face helmets. Yes – it’s as much a mystery to me as it is to you! :)


Relaxing trip Downunder –
Robbery, murder
foil Angelique’s agenda.



Lyon is where Angelique has come from. It’s where her Uncle Edouard has his Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Chat D’Or. I undertook my research about Lyon for Angelique’s backstory. None of that research made it into the book but it spoke to the person that Angelique was. It referenced her noble lineage – that was underplayed. Although they supported the overthrow of the French monarchy, during the French Revolution, the people of Lyon resisted the more draconian influences of the dominant revolutionaries and were massacred for their choice during the Reign of Terror.  Lyon was again a force for resistance during the second world war. That is Angelique’s heritage.


Lyonnaise resistance
default position
for our French bakery chef

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