F is for French Pastries and Friendships

French Pastries

Loving the Celebrity Chef Final Front Cover 3 28 2017
Angelique is a French dessert chef in “Loving the Celebrity Chef” but even she is impressed with the range of French sweets and pastries available in Sydney. I love these yummy French delights, but I haven’t always bothered to discover their particular names. The research I did for this was around this concept and that there were, in fact, high quality patisseries near the location visited by Angelique and Vincent. Some of the presentations they found in their friend Guy’s cafe included kouign amann, profiteroles, éclairs, macarons, mille fueille, Paris-Brest, Jesuite, palmier, pane au raisins and sweet vol au vents. So much to choose from!



Kouign Amann, profiteroles
éclairs, macarons –
bakery indulgences



Friendships are important in my stories. They get characters into trouble, out of trouble and offer support when times are tough. In “Loving the Celebrity Chef”, Vincent’s lifelong friendship with Hermione  (from “Happy with the Millionaire”) and their cheeky relationship is the catalyst for the subsequent drama that surrounds Angelique, including a death threat. In “A Baby Denied”, Nash’s acceptance of what his new friend tells him is the basis on which he rejects any responsibility for Danielle’s baby. But it’s the friendships at home that keep Danielle and her son safe from the world beyond. Writing about friendships and keeping the relationships authentic can sometimes be a bit tricky. I’m continuing to work on it.


Sometimes it’s hard to discern
which is Friend or foe
who to love and how to learn.

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