C is for Cruising

Yes, I’m a cruising tragic. So iIMG_5541t had to happen that I’d set a book (or a series) on board a cruise line. Being on a cruise, participating in the ‘Behind the Scenes’ tours and observing officers, crew and passengers as they go about their day can be fascinating. It’s even better because one is anonymous!

The photo is from a scenic stop above the  harbour of Kotor in Montenegro.

The first novel in the series is based loosely on the places I visited on a cruise I did about three years ago from Venice to Naples on a smaller ship. I won’t include a link to the line here because there are several lines plying that route and a traveller should find the ship and style that best suits them. The personal research was well worthwhile and hubby and I made it into the story (in disguise) as two of the passengers at dinner with the Human Resources Manager.

‘On Board with the Billionaire’ is the story of Tristan and Luc (aka Nico). Tristan is trying to find evidence to prove her friend, Siena, is not the person responsible for embezzling from the ship. Luc, disguised as Nico, is the heir to the cruise line and is on board, undercover, to find proof that Siena is the thief. Keeping their separate agendas secret from each other becomes difficult when Nico and Tristan begin falling for each other.


Cruise – new country every day
Plenty to visit,
Lots of time for rest and play.

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