B is for Ballarat and Bridge Climb (Sydney Harbour Bridge)

Ballarat featured in my challenge a couple of years ago. It’s back because of its place in ‘A Baby Denied’. Nash (male protagonist) takes his grandmother, Anna, to the hospital in Ballarat for a check-up after her heart attack. While Anna is busy with the doctors, Nash takes the opportunity to reacquaint himself with the beauty of the city and the amazing Art Gallery (www.visitballarat.com.au). When Danielle (female protagonist) arrives later to visit Anna, she joins Nash in a walk to beautiful Lake Wendouree (Wen-dor-ree) before having dinner at one of the nearby pub restaurants.  Danielle finds that her car has lost its fan-belt,  and Dee is forced to share Nash’s room and his bed for the night.

Ballarat, city of gold,
heritage buildings –
hist’ry and progress combine.


The Bridge Climb over Sydney Harbour Bridge features in Rosettis Book 3, (in progress). The climb (https://www.bridgeclimb.com) is a personal goal achievement focus for beauty business owner, Ngaire, for her upcoming birthday – to stand more than 130 metres above sea level and look down oveIMG_2425r the harbour. Mark, (police senior constable) knows this and although he terminated their relationship weeks ago, he surprises her at the top of the climb with a proposal of marriage. Will she, should she, accept him after all he has put her through?

Bridge looks on fire in dawn’s light.
Arduous climb ‘til
standing on top of the world.

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