Blogging with purpose

I’ve just read an interesting article about blogging for fiction writers by Icy Sedgwick.

My takeway from it was that I can use the research I’m doing for my books to keep my readers abreast of what I’m writing.

For me that can serve two purposes: the first is that I double-dip on the research for my works in progress – use it for the story and give my readers hints about where the story is heading; the second is that I can expand my brains trust beyond google and beyond my long-suffering but well-informed family – hubby, son, daughter, grandson, sisters, nephews (great for dancing, cars and snakes :) ) and nieces (Japan, drugs, autism spectrum etc) – and into a much more widely informed base of reader-brains-trust.

If you know something more about my topic as I present it, feel free to add your voice.



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