Happy with the Millionaire is doing well

It seems that people who read Rosettis Book 1, “Loving the Celebrity Chef” are also enjoying Rosettis Book 2, “Happy with the Millionaire”. Hap’s story was the first one I wrote and it was inspired by a pair of $2 Christmas earrings that had garnered a lot of flattering comments. The earrings didn’t make it as the story evolved but proved that inspiration can come from anywhere.

My husband and I were transporting his latest boat acquisition from Rockhampton, Queensland to Albury, New South Wales and the boat’s trailer bearings had problems.

We were sitting in the carpark of the local service station in Moree, NSW waiting for the doors to open so we could fix the trailer and complete the next 900 kilometres (560 mi) to get home, preferably that day.

Daydreaming, I conjured up Merry, an events organiser in Sydney and the reclusive paraplegic IT Millionaire. In the end, a business called Merry… something only worked at Christmas time. Merry Birthdays or Merry Occasions did not quite convey the image that I wanted. So ‘Merry’ became ‘Hermione’ with initials that spelled HAPPY who ran Happy Occasions. It took me another decade to find time to write the story of Zach and Hermione.

I hope you enjoy it.

Millionaire final

We went for the pool scene for the cover on this one because that’s the scene that triggered the events that followed.

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