One week to go…

It’s now only one week till Release Day for “Happy with the Millionaire”.

Millionaire final

You can check out the new book on the Passion In Print  site. At the moment, it’s still listed under the ‘upcoming’ tab but next Saturday, it will be live!

This is book 2 in the Rosettis series, and the cover blurb reads like this:

Zach Yarborough is wheelchair bound even though the doctors say his body has healed. He meets Hermione when his company hires her to organize a Halloween party. He begins to believe he might find with her the happy ever after that his parents have. Then he reads a text that tells him all too clearly that Hermione is like all the other women he’s met and only wants his money.
Hermione has built her events business in an abandoned fashionwear factory, established by her great grandparents, to honor her family’s legacy. But her business is threatened when Zach belittles her in front of high profile potential clients. Selling the business will break her heart. Keeping it will destroy it.
Zach comes back to apologize when he finds out he was wrong, but can Hermione let herself trust him again?

Book 1 of the Rosettis is “Loving the Celebrity Chef” and it introduces Vincent, Angelique and Nonna with  Hermione being the unwitting catalyst that nearly undoes the budding romance between Vincent and Angelique. Now she has her own story with all the other characters cheering her on.

If you haven’t read “Loving the Celebrity Chef” yet, you can find it at Books2Read and choose your preferred reading format.

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