Cover Reveal: Loving the Celebrity Chef

Loving the Celebrity Chef Final Front Cover 3 28 2017

Loving the Celebrity Chef is due for release on May 21 and will be available on the  Passion in Print website first off and then Amazon after that. This is the first of the Rosettis books and I’m thrilled to introduce this family to my readers!!

Just to let you know what it’s about:

A holiday fling with an Australian celebrity chef might just end up being more than French tourist, Angelique, can mix into her Michelin-bound delicacies.
Angelique is on vacation when she is left destitute by a thief at a backpackers’ hotel and is forced to find work. She is hired as a chef at Rosettis restaurant where Vincent is the Head Chef.
Vincent is wary of the French dessert chef not just because his celebrity status attracts attention from total strangers, but because he didn’t get to vet her qualifications before she landed in his kitchen courtesy of his mother and grandmother. But she is as alluring as her desserts and he just can’t get enough of her.
Confident that her troubles in Australia will soon be behind her, Angelique keeps her focus firmly on earning enough money to get home to France and back to building her career. She hasn’t counted on her holiday fling with the celebrity chef becoming something that might threaten her plans.



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