Passion in Print

The first two Rosettis books have found a home…

Three weeks ago I entered a SavvyAuthors pitch session and got requests from Passion in Print for the first three chapters, final chapter and synopsis for both of the books I pitched.  Then there was the follow up request for the full manuscripts.

I did a check of the usual sites that warn writers about potentially difficult publishers and was pleasantly surprised to find no adverse comments about PinP. Such sites have made me wary, previously, about even following up on some pitch requests. I checked out the PinP web site and found that many of their publications were somewhat racier than what I write and their main brand ManLoveRomance was established to meet the need for a gay romance market – another genre I haven’t even tried to write.

My books are fairly tame by comparison – only a couple of sex scenes and then only within an established relationship. I write strong, independent women who don’t stand for nonsense. Their men have made their own mark in the world and have usually had to overcome some physical or emotional adversity along the way. So a bit different from the PinP catalogue, I thought.

But someone at PinP had read my stories. The quick turnaround times for requests, follow up requests and contract offers made me feel that they truly wanted my books.There was no havering. There was no “let ’em sweat” arrogance.

Two weeks ago, I signed the contracts. In the first week I was given approximate publication dates for August and September, and this week, I find I am already trying to decide which of the wonderful cover selections to choose for ‘Happy with the Millionaire’.

The people at PinP are wonderful to work with and highly efficient. I’ll be running to keep up!

I don’t want to put the mockers on it (Australian expression meaning to jinx) but I can’t wait for the next part of the journey. And I’m looking forward to alerting you to the publication of “Loving the Celebrity Chef” and “Happy with the Millionaire” later in the year.

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