Beauty and the Cop

A friend asked me yesterday what I was writing at the moment.  My response to her was that I write the way I read – four books at a time – and work on the one that comes to hand at any given point. Not the classic writer’s style, I’ll admit, but it keeps me interested and writing. But it does pose the problem of which book is ready to go out into the world at any point in time. So today’s series of posts serves as a reminder to me, and a sneak peek for you, of where I am in my writing schedule.

“Beauty and the Cop” is the third in the loosely connected Rosetti’s trilogy. The trilogy is contemporary romance mostly city-based. This third book has not been submitted for publication yet, but will be high on my pitching list over the next short while.

The ‘beauty’ of the piece is Ngaire who owns and runs a very successful beauty spa business near the Overseas Terminal in Sydney. She meets hardened Kings Cross cop, Mark, at a wedding. They enjoy a one-night stand that they both expect to develop into something more but Mark dismisses the business card with Ngaire’s contacts that she leaves for him, believing that it was part of the hotel’s folio of business contacts. When they do meet again accidentally, sexual tension returns full force, but Ngaire’s life was blighted once by the dreaded knock on the door that signalled the death of a loved one and Mark is hesitant to be the one to put her in that position again. Can they both move past their fears to find a haven of peace and love together?


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