And then there are the others….

Other works I have in progress at the moment are:

“On Board with the Billionaire” is a contemporary romance set mostly on board a boutique cruise ship in the Aegean Sea. Tristan, a Melbourne-based finance broker takes on the undercover role as temporary Crew Purser to find out who is undermining and threatening her friend. Marco is heir to the cruise line empire and is also undercover as the Finance Officer trying to find out how the signature ship for the line is suddenly losing  money. He has Tristan’s friend dead in his sights. They both know they have only a week to solve the problem as they see it. Can they withstand their attraction to each other and maintain their assumed roles so they can each achieve what they are on board to do?


The rural romances below will be written under the nom de plume of Maree Kerridge to differentiate them from the non-rural romance stories.


“The Major’s Secret Baby” – a contemporary rural romance, planned to be part of a locational trilogy.

Nash and Jo spent a lot of their growing up time together which culminated in an afternoon of passion before Nash left the small country town to go to Army Officer Training at Duntroon. When Jo finds that she is pregnant and tries to call him, Nash’s phone is answered by someone who tells her that Nash has moved on, says he wants nothing further to do with Jo and she should let him go. Nash returns to town to visit his grandmother, nearly seven years later, to find that he has a son and condemns Jo for not letting him know. Can they ever learn to trust each other again for the sake of their son and is there any possibility for them to make a future together.


“Tassie Tigress” is a contemporary  romance, predominantly rural.

Maggie thinks she has met the man of her dreams when the gorgeous wannabe artist grabs her attention on her favourite Tasmanian beach. A man who enjoys the simple pleasures or watching a summer sunrise has to be a compatible companion. That illusion is shattered a week later when she learns that Conrad is a New Zealand forestry mogul visiting Maggie’s pristine wilderness with logging on his mind. Conrad is stunned to find his beautiful beach nymph is really a rabid environmentalist. There is just no place for common ground here, is there?


“The MacEoin Legacy”  is a contemporary romance that is  a city-rural crossover between Melbourne and rural Scotland.

Dougall travels to Melbourne at the behest of his elderly aunts who believe that the product that Rhiannon is making and selling is the exact recipe that has been the closely guarded secret of the MacEoins for generations – a recipe that has somehow been lost to this generation. Can Dougall persuade the Australian to travel back to Scotland with him to help reinstate the family fortunes and then can he persuade her to stay with him forever?


And then there’s this:

“My Brother Under Glass”. This one is a figment of my imagination, probably, but it won’t let go.  When I think of this story, I think in sepia. It’s a story about the battles between brothers, those that protect the other from outside influences and those of filial disappointment, grief and resistance.  This one is definitely not in the romance genre, so it may have to wait awhile, though every so often new words are added to the script.

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