Y is for Yaldhurst


As we draw to a close on these haiku meanderings around New Zealand (just one day left), we visit Yaldhurst. Yaldhurst was the name of a former Parliamentary electorate. It is also the name of a small rural community that has, over time, been incorporated as a suburb of Christchurch, a major centre on the South Island.

Whether suburb or rural community, it has its own history to be proud of.

The hotel served as a staging post for Cobb & Co. The line of  Cobb & Co coaches arrived in New Zealand courtesy of Charles Cole who had been operating coaches to serve the goldfields around Ballarat, in Victoria, Australia, where I live. (A nice link there.)

Motor enthusiasts would be drawn to this place for the collection of over 150 classic cars, carriages etc at the Yaldhurst Museum. The museum folk happily posted the good news that they had survived the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes with a post to social media.

For more information about Yaldhurst, see:
And now the Haiku:


Cars and coaches saved –
Yaldhurst defies Christchurch quakes.
Visitors welcome!

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