W is for Waitomo Caves

New Zealand sports several well-known glowworm cave systems including one at Te Anau on the South Island in Fiordland and the one at Waitomo in the King Country of the North Island.

I’ve visited both with the family and both are spectacular in their own right. Today the focus is on Waitomo, because it’s W Day, but Te Anau and spectacular Fiordland are well worth a visit too.

Floating along on a boat inside the caves, with the panorama of glowworm lights above is an awesome experience. the kids were fascinated with the beauty of the stalagmites and stalactites that they learned the words easily and were able to describe what they had seen.

Recently a trail run has been developed in and around Waitomo and it happens this Saturday, 30th of April. If you’re nearby, you might want to participate.

Take a look at some of these sites to learn more about Waitomo and the caves – especially the Cathedral which has stunning acoustic qualities and has hosted singers such as Dame Kiri Te Kanawa!

For information, see:


And now the haiku:

Waitomo Caves

See Waitomo Caves,
the magical wonderland
of glowworms twinkling.

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