V is for Victoria Valley

When we visited Stewart Island on this haiku journey around New Zealand, I mentioned that Cape Reinga is the northernmost point in New Zealand. The area that we are visiting today is a mere 130 kms (80 miles) south of that extremity. The map for the link to  Victoria Valley Road shows that there is little human habitation in the area but it gives me another chance to talk about this far north part of New Zealand.

The population centre for the area is Kaitaia, a favourite holiday place for New Zealanders because of its sub-tropical climate. Victoria Valley is 16 kms from the town.

There is a Maori cemetery  here which is the final resting place for one lonely  WWII casualty, a trooper from the New Zealand Armoured Corps.

Victoria Valley also lies to the west of Ahipara, the southernmost point of the spectacular Ninety Mile Beach which doubles as a highway.

So, although one might drive through the area and not realise that one has arrived in Victoria Valley, there are still good reasons for venturing this far north.
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And now the haiku:

Victoria Valley

Go north, they sat. Go!
Victoria Valley waits.
Beach highway driving.



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