U is for Upper Hutt

Oops! I knew all of this travel across time zones would get me discombobulated for the A to Z Blogging  Challenge. And now I’ve gone and posted Monday’s U!  It is the last day of my brief stopover in Honolulu. Tomorrow, I head home to Australia after three weeks in different parts of North America. Maybe when I’m back at base I will be able to get my mind and days straightened out.

So I hope you enjoy this bonus post on Upper Hutt and take the opportunity to visit some of the other blogs participating in the A to Z!

Upper Hutt is in the North Island of New Zealand, just north of Wellington. It is a separate centre from Lower Hutt. It is divided from its sister municipality by Taita Gorge which forms part of the active Wellington Fault.

Mountain bikers should plan their trip to New Zealand to coincide with the 2017 Karapoti Challenge on March 4. Several records were broken in this year’s event ensuring that next year, the personal challenges will be even greater.

For those looking for a quieter pastime, trout fishing is popular in the Hutt River that runs through the town.

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And now the haiku:

Upper Hutt

Mountain bikers’ joy –
The Karapoti Challenge.
Crazy Upper Hutt!

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