M is for Moeraki

Our haiku trip around New Zealand takes us back to the South Island, this time to the province of Otago, the main centre for which is Dunedin. Dunedin is a great spot to visit and reeks of history – particularly the Scottish influence in this part of the world. Readers might have noticed that I have studiously avoided the larger cities of New Zealand in these haiku perambulations. That is because visitors know to search information on these. Smaller, less well-known centres offer nuggets of New Zealand’s uniqueness.

Today’s place of interest is Moeraki. Early non-Maori settlement in Moeraki was to establish a whaling station, but that function for the town has died long since. Moeraki remains a fishing village but most tourists are drawn to the area to see the marvellous Moeraki Boulders, large concretions which lie on Koekohe Beach just north of the town.

While in the area, visitors should also take the opportunity to see the penguins! http://www.moerakiboulders.com/other-activities/

For further information, see also …

And now the haiku.


Moeraki Boulders
Giant marbles on the beach –
playthings of the Gods.

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