J is for Jack’s Point and Jacobs River

In my hunt for towns in New Zealand to profile for the A to Z blogging challenge, I could find only two places that begin with ‘J’ and I couldn’t choose between them: Jack’s Point and Jacobs River. Both are in the lower South Island, both small, but they are very different.

I was able to find little about Jacobs River save that the tiny  “Our Lady of the River” church marks the locality and the school which had been the focal point for the community was closed in 2013. Despite its remoteness, or perhaps because of it, fly fishers are still drawn to the area  to enjoy their sport.

Jack’s Point, on the other hand, is a new resort village development six kilometres south of New Zealand’s iconic winter sport capital of Queenstown (more of that centre when we get to Q in the challenge).

For more information, see:




And now the haiku:

Jack’s Point and Jacobs River

Begin with J, eh?
Jack’s Point and Jacobs River!
One new, one changing.


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