Foxton Beach

Ambling on through New Zealand by haiku, today’s focus is on Foxton Beach.

Foxton Beach is on the west coast of the North Island and has a special significance for my family.  Both of our children began their formal education at Foxton Beach School (30+ years ago) and it set them up well for their continued schooling.  Lots of memories come to mind – nearly setting the hill behind the house on fire; nearly drowning in the river channel while the children sat on the bank thinking I was just having fun; the black sand on the beach which defied castle-building attempts; the children being able to go wandering off with their mates for hours amongst the dunes or on their bikes with no concern for their safety – someone was always on watch and everyone knew all of the kids. Good times; good friends.

Foxton Beach is a separate township from Foxton but is linked with the slightly larger centre in this site:

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