A to Z Blogging Challenge 2016

It’s A to Z Blogging Challenge time again. This year my focus will be on towns and places in New Zealand.

New Zealand holds a special place in my heart since my children were born while we were living there. They both continue to defend their Kiwi status even though we have been back in Australia for most of their lifetimes. We had a wonderful eleven or so years in Aotearoa and maintain contact with good friends from those days.

This month I will be travelling internationally so posts might appear at odd hours or even a couple on one day, but I will try as far as possible, to stick to the schedule of posting each day, except Sundays, in April.

The posts will include a bit of background on the place, a website or two from which readers can glean further detail, and finally I will aim to write a Haiku to encapsulate my personal experience of a visit to the place .

Already I know I will have to be creative towards the end of the month since I can’t find any New Zealand towns beginning with X, Y or Z!

I hope you will enjoy this trip through God’s Own Country with me as so many of you did for the journey around Australia last year.




2 thoughts on “A to Z Blogging Challenge 2016

  1. Well done, dear friend. And go with God overseas and I hope that you have a great time – have caught up with some of the destinations via A.

    Hope to see you up my way before too long, and there’s always a spare bed or two here!
    Much love,

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