A Reflection on the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2015

This was my first attempt at the blogging challenge. Because my blog is so new, and I am so new to blogging, it was an opportunity to get started. Having a theme kept me focussed. I was surprised by the amount of research that was required on a daily basis, ( I thought I knew all about Australian country towns!) so I learned a lot and writing the haiku for each was an exercise in writerly discipline. No time for close editing – describe the town, share a link for extra information, write the poem, get it posted, move on to the next one. But there is material there that I can go back to, at a more leisurely pace, to review, rewrite, collate. Yes, I’ll probably do it again next year. Maybe even with the same theme. There are lots more country towns, I’d like to highlight. iphone vaughn's wedding et al 007

The Challenge
This blogging challenge –
A to Z in just one month!
Harder than I thought.

One thought on “A Reflection on the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2015

  1. Finding your blog through your reflection. What a lovely presentation your page is. Easy to read and uncluttered. Both problems for me at time with others. Your theme was a fabulous idea. I will try and return to read more. Taking a break from writing everyday and scurried out to my spring NC garden that was feeling neglected. Love the challenge and finding a blog like yours. Congratulations of all the effort it takes to do it right.


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