Z is for Zeehan in Tasmania and Zilzie in Queensland.

Finalising the A-Z of Australian country towns with attendant haiku, today is the letter Z.

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Located on the west coast of Tasmania, Zeehan suffered the boom and almost bust of the minerals industry. Here, though, miners came for silver. Today, Zeehan ranks as part of the must-do wilderness experiences in Tasmania.

Thinking of Zilzie always brings a smile to my face. My boyfriend (now long-time husband) and I would play hookey from our studies to spend the day together on the beach. It didn’t do our grades any harm and it was wonderful for our relationship – er… except when I nearly drowned when he was teaching me to fish.

bat plant
Photo courtesy of D Gollogly

Tassie holidays
wilderness adventuring.
Zeehan and west coast.

Zilzie wickedness
still prompts my heart to flutter.
Dreamy student trysts.

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