S is for Scone, New South Wales; Sale, Victoria and Sarina in Queensland

Continuing the A-Z of Australian country towns with attendant haiku, today is the letter S.

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Scone is pronounced sk-oan rather than sk-on which is what we call the bakery item of the same name. Scone was named for its predecessor in Scotland. The NSW Scone is the self-styled horse capital of Australia and the thoroughbred racehorse breeding industry is indeed the largest in Australia.

The population of Sale is approaching 15000 which puts it in the category of being a small city and thus not really a ‘town’. But since I’ve already included Ballarat and Ararat, I decided Sale could be included too. Sale is in the usually lush region of Gippsland and serves the agricultural industries. The Port of Sale is a handy setting off point for those who wish to travel down the artificial canal to join the Thomson River and then into the expansive Gippsland Lakes.

Sarina is located within a strong sugar-growing area, but also has a cattle industry. The town is located on the Bruce Highway which grants it easy access to Mackay to the north and southwards towards Rockhampton.

Picturesque paddocks
are home to stunning horseflesh.
An idyllic scene.

Gateway to the Lakes –IMG_1955a
Sale has welcomed travellers
since 1850.

Sugar farming spawned
Sarina’s giant cane toad.
Welcome or warning?

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