Q is for Quambatook in Victoria, Queenscliff in Victoria and Quirindi in New South Wales.

Continuing the A-Z of Australian country towns with attendant haiku, today is the letter Q.

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As an early pioneer of its emblematic tractor pull, Quambatook still hosts the Australian Championship event every Easter Saturday and swells the town’s population of around 400 by nearly ten fold.

Queenscliff is a charming, historic, seaside village on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria. It is one end of the Sea Road link across Port Phillip Bay to Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula. Stepping into the Queenscliff Hotel evokes images of nineteenth century ladies taking high tea when a trip to Queenscliff was de rigeur for Melbourne society figures. Today, it’s the stepping off point for a unique musical experience aboard the Blues Train, a steam train that travels along 16km of track while passengers enjoy four different blues acts.

Not a town to rest on its laurels, Quirindi on the north west slopes of New South Wales, holds a rural heritage festival every May to celebrate its agricultural roots. It’s an area of broad-acre farming almost directly west of the coastal city of Port Macquarie.

All styles and sizes –??????????
Tractors come from near and far.
Quambatook pulls them.

Queenscliff’s old ladies,
creaking boards notwithstanding,
resist tests of time.

Rural heritage
lauded and applauded.
Quirindi parties.

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