P is for Perth, Tasmania; Port Pirie in South Australia; and Proserpine in Queensland

Continuing the A-Z of Australian country towns with attendant haiku, today is the letter P.

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Yes, there is a Perth in Tasmania, as different from Perth, the state capital of Western Australia. Last August, we visited three Perths in three weeks – Tasmania’s, Western Australia’s and Scotland’s! All very different. The southern Perth was established in 1821, eight years ahead of its Western Australian sister. Historic buildings remain intact here, there are lovely views to the mountains of the Western Tiers and the leatherwood honey is worth a visit on its own.

Port Pirie
Port Pirie is a busy sea port and has the world’s largest active lead smelter. Tourists are drawn to the waters of the Spencer Gulf for fishing and other water-based activities. The Art Gallery houses a fibreglass model of the longest recorded white pointer shark landed in South Australia – a timely reminder that we share the sea with other creatures!

Until recently, Proserpine has been overlooked as a tourist destination. It was a town founded for the sugar industry, but it also offers an easy drive to beautiful Airlie Beach and access to Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef and the highly lauded Whitsunday Islands. Definitely not a place to pass by.

Tassie’s Perth is small
compared with western sister –
but serves its people!Tarwin Lower

Port Pirie
Port Pirie smelters
abide calmly side by side
with art and beaches.

Proserpine – gateway
to Great Barrier Reef and
Whitsunday Islands.

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