O is for Oodnadatta, South Australia; Oakey in Queensland; and Oatlands in Tasmania

Continuing the A-Z of Australian country towns with attendant haiku, today is the letter O.

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Oodnadatta is the quintessential remote outback town. It is accessed by unsealed roads including the Oodnadatta Track, so it is truly isolated during wet weather. The population hovers around the 300 mark. Nevertheless, it’s a destination that rates highly on the “See Australia” bucket lists.

Oakey is located on the Darling Downs about 160 kms from Brisbane. It services agricultural and mining enterprises as well as the Army Aviation Training Centre and houses the Museum of Australian Army Flying. It’s a centre that I visit semi-regularly because my eldest sister lives there.

Travelling from the main northern city of Tasmania at Launceston down the Midland Highway to Hobart, the traveller finds the turnoff to Oatlands. It is worth taking the time to discover the treasure trove of sandstone houses and buildings that remain intact and in use in Oatlands. Many of these were built with convict labour during the nineteenth century. The Callington Mill is here too, the only example of a working Georgian windmill in the southern hemisphere.

You’ve been ‘everywhere’
once you’ve made Oodnadatta.
Outback wanderings.

From Toowoomba to
Oakey on the Darling Downs –
a pleasant commute.

Convict labour built
the Oatlands sandstone buildings.
Step back to the past.

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