M is for Mullumbimby and Mulwala, both in New South Wales; Margaret River, Western Australia; and Mildura in Victoria

Continuing the A-Z of Australian country towns with attendant haiku, today is the letter M.

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Today was tough to limit the list of names. So many Ms….

As you drive into Mullumbimby, a large sign welcomes you to “The biggest little town in Australia”. I’ve never worked out what that means but it’s a great spot to visit. Since the 1970s, the town has developed as one of the recognisable centres for alternative culture in northern New South Wales.

Down on the southern border of New South Wales, Mulwala is situated on Lake Mulwala – a bulge in the Murray River formed by a dam. Mulwala and the lake are popular with water sports enthusiasts.

Margaret River
The south-west corner of Western Australia is a prosperous wine-producing area and a popular surfing area. The boutique wine-makers account for most of the tourists coming to the area. There are few more pleasant delights than enjoying good wine and food with friends in a relaxing atmosphere.

Speaking of wine and food… Mildura on the Victorian side of the Murray River is another spot that draws the gourmet. The area around Mildura produces most of the state’s wine grapes. It is also well-known for its quality citrus production.

Mullumbimby town
bustling with active artists –
potters and painters.IMG_1834

Water sports galore!
Mulwala draws fun-seekers.
Laughter, happy squeals.

Margaret River
Margaret River
Ah! Great wines born and honoured.
Sultry Summer days.

Fine food, fresh fruit, wine!
Oasis on the Murray
Mildura beckons.

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