J is for Jabiru, Northern Territory, Jeparit in Victoria and Jerilderie in New South Wales

Continuing the A-Z of Australian country towns with attendant haiku, today is the letter J. And again, as you can see, I couldn’t decide on just one or two.Kangaroo Paw

Jabiru was a purpose built accommodation town for workers at the Ranger uranium mine. Both Jabiru and the mine are located amongst the striking landscapes, flora and fauna of  Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

Jerilderie is probably better known across Australia as the place where notorious bushranger Ned Kelly wrote “The Jerilderie Letter” than it is as the childhood home of Sir John Monash, a decorated military commander. Nevertheless both form an integral part of the nation’s history.  (Ned Kelly was captured by police at Glenrowan, Victoria.)

Jeparit was settled as a wheat growing area in the remote western part of Victoria, Australia. Sir Robert Menzies, founder of the Liberal Party and long-serving Prime Minister, was born here though his family moved to Ballarat during his school years.

Uranium mine
Jabiru in Kakadu
Beauty and the beast.

Ned Kelly’s roaming
brought him to Jerilderie.
but soon – Glenrowan.

Bob Menzie’s birth place
Jeparit honours this son –
Prime Minister of old.

One thought on “J is for Jabiru, Northern Territory, Jeparit in Victoria and Jerilderie in New South Wales

  1. Hi, just catching up with your latest post :) these are evry well put together and I enjoy my visits and a little explore of these places that would be unknown to me otherwise – as well as reading your haiku poems. Must take a lot of time and effort – it’s a great theme and look forward to visiting again :)

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