G is for George Town, Tasmania and Geraldton, Western Australia

??????????Continuing with the theme of an A-Z of Australian country towns, with attendant haiku, today it’s G – Geraldton and George Town.

George Town
George Town is on the north coast of Australia’s most southern state, Tasmania. It is the third oldest non-Indigenous settlement in Australia after Sydney and Hobart and was established as a maritime centre in 1804. Today it boasts some trendy eateries and is only a hop, step and a jump from the renowned Pipers River wine growing region.

Geraldton is located in the mid-Western region of Western Australia and was established as a town in 1851 in response to a need for new land for settlers. Like George Town, Geraldton is a bustling sea port. Although I have visited points north and south of Geraldton, the city itself remains on my to-do list.

George Town
Tamar Valley mouth –
where Bass Strait breezes buffet
George Town’s coastal fringe.

From Batavia’s wreck
to Geraldton’s bright vision:
A vibrant future!

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