D is for Deniliquin, Dubbo and Dunnedoo, all in New South Wales

Continuing with the theme of a haiku for the A-Z of Australian country towns, today the focus is on D. Take time to browse the web-site links to learn some more about this wonderful country.

Deniliquin is in the Riverina region of New South Wales and is the traditional land of  the Barapa Barapa nation. It is closer to the Victorian capital of Melbourne than to the New South Wales capital of Sydney. In October, Deni, as it is known far and wide, plays host to its annual ute muster. In 2013, 9736 utes rolled up to the event.

Dubbo is a thriving  business hub on the central plains of New South Wales where five highways meet. The city is regarded as the gateway to the Outback. The traditional owners were the Talbragar people of the Wiradjuri nation. Today, Dubbo is famous for its open air zoo. I worked at the university in Dubbo for a time.

Dunnedoo is a small regional town in New South Wales that exists to serve the immediate surrounding area. A dunny, in colloquial Australian, is an outhouse or backyard toilet, so a town with a name like dunny-do, is too much to resist for marketers. Dunnedoo was one of the earliest adopters of a no-plastic bag campaign to encourage the move to reusable shopping carriers, probably to protect the swans for which the town was really named. A well-timed rest point when travelling from Dubbo to the coast.

The poems:

Thousands have such fun –
dusty Deni’s ute muster
draws them back again.

Friends at work and play
I loved the years we spent there.
Dubbo, Central Plains.

As you’re passing through
take time to stop for coffee.
Dunnedoo, pit-stop!

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